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Thank you for your interest in my website about pricing. I have had a fascination with prices since the nineties. Economic theory teaches us that prices are set when supply meets demand. But I wondered: is that all there is to it?

After receiving a Master's degree in econometrics, I joined the KLM pricing department in 1998 to find answers from real life. I have never left the pricing profession ever since. I have been a pricing manager and a pricing advisor at start-ups and multinationals, in B2B, B2C, and retail. I have set prices across 5 continents, in more than 100 countries.

I have become an expert in optimizing the pricing function and in managing the change required to achieve sustainable improvements of the pricing capability. I currently fulfill a pricing leadership role for the board of a global publishing company. I give seminars, conduct workshops, and offer coaching to entrepreneurs and executive business leaders at multinationals. I am the founder of FirstPrice.

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To grasp the importance of pricing it is essential to consider all its aspects. However, in my work I found that discussions are usually focused on the problem at hand for a specific company or industry. Therefore, in 2011 and 2012 I took the time to write the “whole” story about pricing.

My book Pricing: The Third Business Skill explains how to best set prices. It gives you the lowdown on all facets of pricing: pricing strategy, tools, pricing processes, change management, and organizational design.


The book consists of three parts - The Art of Pricing, The Science of Pricing, and The Execution of Pricing – which, taken together, present a holistic, integrated view of the topic. Such an approach is indispensable, because pricing touches on nearly every part of a company. “Price is a one-figure summary of what a company has to offer.”

After reading this book, the pricing function will no longer hold any secrets for you, empowering you to get started on structurally improving your margins right away!


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Pricing: The Third Business Skill is available for order from Amazon or on this website (ISBN 978-90-820693-0-3). To get a good taste of the book before you buy it, you can download an electronic copy of part I below.



I advise you to order from Amazon.com to buy the entire book .You can also order from your local Amazon website in Europe (for example Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de). List prices are: €29, £25 or $39. Amazon frequently offers free shipping and a small discount.


If you cannot use Amazon, you can order a copy by filling in the form below (€44 + shipping):

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FirstPrice assists clients in improving their pricing capability. FirstPrice has a strong track record in a variety of industries, from telecom to fashion, and from airlines to publishing.

FirstPrice pricing advisors boast over 10 years’ experience in pricing and possess a unique combination of skills in marketing, finance, and quantitative analysis. They have held senior pricing positions at multinationals as well as delivered a high number of pricing consulting assignments. FirstPrice deploys proven successful tools and methodologies to build pricing championship.

FirstPrice’s portfolio includes workshops, seminars, executive coaching as well as consultancy projects, training, and interim management. We will help you find the best way to mobilize internal resources. We believe the best pricing capability is built with limited use of external suppliers.



Do you wish to hear the full story of the third business skill of pricing, for example for your managers or for your key clients? Or would you prefer a seminar focused specifically on the Art of Pricing, the Science of Pricing, or the Execution of Pricing?

The seminars are entertaining, broaden your horizon and generate very positive feedback. You can also book workshops around specific pricing challenges that you may face in your company.

If you are interested, please fill in your name and e-mail address below and we will contact you.

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Please contact us with any inquiry you may have